Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll pay. No recursive charges or monthly charges, just pay for what you test.

$0 /test

$48* /test

$123* /test
Unlimited tests

Max Concurrent Users

The maximum virtual users per test

20 1000 5000 Unlimited
Load Generators

The number of servers to generate load

1 1 or more per
1 or more per
Number of Tests

The number of tests you can execute

5 Pay as you go
*Cost is per location
Pay as you go
*Cost is per location
Pay as you go

Max Test Duration(minutes)

The maximum duration to run each test.

10 60 60 Unlimited
Data Retention(months)

Access to historical test data

3 6 9 Customizable
APM Monitoring

See APM metrics into your Frugal report, depending on the APM used, and easily correlate app server metrics with client side performance metrics.

Log Analysis(Loggly)

For more monitoring, more collaboration, better insight for your application. Aggregate & analyze logs from Loggly into Frugal Dashboard.

JMeter import/export

Run your jmx scripts and export them anytime.


Allows more than one Session at a time

Multiple tests

Run Multiple tests at same time


Alert will be sent to your registered email id and Slack on how the test performed.

Geographic distribution of users        

Divide users among the regions you choose.

Support Level

Email + Phone + Live Chat

General questions
Drop us a message in the live chat. It's a direct channel to reach our technical team. Our response time is very reactive. Try us!
This is a plan that you can use forever with no commitment and no credit card required.
To access advanced features or use the solution more extensively, you can upgrade at any time during any month.
Our pricing model is Pay per Test model where you do a load test of certain number of users, selected duration and number of geo-locations, you pay according to whether it falls in BASIC or PRO.
You are not binded by a monthly or annual subscription. For PREMIUM plan, please contact us at [email protected].
You can pay via Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express on our site. If you'd like to pay via an alternate method, please contact us at [email protected].
If a test fails to run (i.e. due to an error in a user uploaded script) or generate a report (tests need to run for at least 2 minutes to generate a report), the test will not be deducted from your test credits. If the test is mistakenly counted against your test credits, just let us know and we'll refund your credits.
For the Free plan, you can choose any one AWS location from the list 18 geo-locations provided. Multiple locations are available only for the paid plan for load tests.
If you reach the limits of your plan, we'll notify you and to continue this service you need to recharge your account as per pricing plans.
Yes. If you need any help at all with testing and/or results interpretation, we encourage you to contact [email protected] to learn more about our platform or to get any kind of assistance.