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FrugalTesting Dashboard

optimized cost Optimise IT cost

No installation required. Create scenarios inside your browser. Entirely in the cloud. Pay as you go.

cloud servers Generate Realistic Load

Simulate lakhs of simultaneous users from multiple geographies with bandwidth emulation to test real world traffic.

live analytics Live interactive analytics

Inspect results and discover bottlenecks as your test runs. Download detailed reports any time.

Jmeter LogoFully compatible with Apache JMeterTM

No migration effort from JMeter. Import any JMX project in FrugalTest and export it anytime.

How it works

Test your web, rest API, mobile app in three simple steps.

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Step One

Configure your test

Enter your API and/or URLs to test. Configure your test in aspects of number of concurrent users, duration, bandwidth simulations and more.

Step Two

Start it!

Choose multiple locations, from where you want to generate load and start your test. We will take care of the rest for you!

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step one icon

Step Three

Analyze it live

That's it, your test results are ready. Go on and analyze them during test, inspect JMeter logs or save results at any time as a PDF snapshot.

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