Validate And View Response

Validate your GET/ POST requests before launching real load tests.

On URL test page, enter the URL you want to do load test.

  1. FrugalTest will check whether the URL is responding or not and alert you with a green tick or red cross respectively. It lets you visualize quickly if the URL is a valid one.
  2. In case of red cross, you need to add any missing parameter(s)/ header(s) to enter for that URL which is needed to process the request.
  3. You can also check the response of the URLs in text / HTML view along with HTTP status code before you start the test.

So, save time and avoid wasting load tests with this validation check.

FrugalTesting view response in HTML

GET Request validation

FrugalTesting add parameters feature
Frugaltesting post request validation

POST Request validation