Quick Test Setup

FrugalTest automatically builds the load test script using the configuration provided by you in URL test. You can download the script file of the scenarios any time. The script can be imported and used in JMeter as well.

Test multiple environments with the help of URL Test by adding one URL from say Test environment and another from existing Production environment to check whether the new code is better in performance and vice versa.

To create a quick test, simply follow these steps:

  • Login to Frugal Testing platform - Login Now It's free and no credit card is required.
  • Click on the 'Create Test' button (on the top left side of the screen) and select the 'URL Test' option from the pop up.
  • Provide the required details like Test name, Test Description (optional). Enter your HTTP/s URLs / APIs with GET / POST requests (as many you want to test) with more advance features like clearing cookie, cache, redirection, downloading the /resources of the URL's which you want to be tested.
FrugalTesting enter url to load test
  • Add the Load scenario to your test run like desired number of concurrent users, ramp-up, think time, duration in minutes / iterations with response threshold limit.
FrugalTesting load scenario feature
  • Select the geo-location(s) from which you want to generate load on the application server along with desired bandwidth to be simulated and choose test result option.
FrugalTesting geo-location feature
  • Save your test. The automatic scripting feature generates a JMeter script; each virtual user will hit each URL sequentially. Each virtual user has their own session, cache, and cookies.
  • Now, start it by pressing the Start button. Once the test starts you will getting a real time analysis dashboard which will let you know the performance of the given URL/APIs and you will receive an email for every 10mins (if you selected this option on URL test page) to know how the test was behaving.