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We Pinpoint your IT Security Vulnerabilities before Hackers do

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Our Services

Security Testing has become an integral and a critical part of an organization development strategy due to an increase in the number of privacy breaches that organizations are facing today.

In order to address our client's security needs we offer Comprehensive Testing approach beyond Penetration Testing to promptly identify the security vulnerabilities in your IT Infrastructure.

We Test the Security of

security Testing of IDs And IPs.
Network Services
security Testing of IDs And IPs.
security Testing of IDs And IPs.
IDs/ IPs and other security solutions
security Testing of IDs And IPs.
Application Protocol Interface (APIs)
security Testing of IDs And IPs.
security Testing of IDs And IPs.
Front end and Back end of web,
mobile and desktop applications

Our Security Testing Services

It is wise to consider Security Testing as soon as Software Requirements are ready

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Common Security Threats We Handle

cross site scripting

Cross-Site Scripting

This type of Vulnerability is typically found in web application where XSS enables attackers to inject client side scripts into web pages viewed by other users.

Cross Site Request Forgery

Cross-Site Request Forgery

It is a type of attack to maliciously exploit a website by sending unauthorized commands from the user that the application trusts.

code injection

Code Injections

It is exploitation of a computer bug that is caused by processing invalid data.

Server Side Include Injections

Server-Side Include Injections

This exploit lets an attacker send code into an application to be executed later, locally, by the web server.

Authorization ByPass

Authorization ByPass

It involves finding the path traversal to the vulnerability or find ways to escalate the privileges of the tester

Tools We Use

Arachni iron-wasp nogotofailg SonarQube SQLMap w3af wapiti wfuzz zed-attack-proxy Wireshark

Believe in us, We Believe Quality

Finding zero-day vulnerabilities

Provides Hacker's eye view

Domain specific tests

Business logic tests

Expertise in Intrusive tests like DoS, DDoS and many more

Manual verification to eliminate false positives

Types of Cooperation

FrugalTesting offers 2 types of Cooperation Models:

One Time
Security Testing

It helps you to form an opinion about the vendor, to make adecision whether you want to continue with the cooperation with them. For this we provide an impartial security evaluation without vendor lock-in.

Security Testing

After conducting a detailed security testing of your IT Infrastructure, we gather the details of your IT Infrastructure. We use these details to conduct security testing services on a regular basis.

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