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 The ultimate goal of any software either a desktop or mobile or a web application is to deliver optimum performance in every scenario.

 At Frugal Testing, We provide load testing services designed to test the software under normal load and anticipated peak load to identify optimum operating capacity of the application and the elements that are responsible for the degradation of application performance.

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Common Performance Testing Defects we Overcome

  • Bottlenecking: You want to check that your application might be not capable to handle the workload, thus interrupting the data flow.
  • Software Configuration Issues: Often settings are not done properly, thus affecting the workload handling capacity of software.
  • Hardware Resources: Low-performing CPUs or Memory constraints can be one of the several reasons.
  • Poor Scalability: If the software is not capable to handle desired number of concurrent tasks, then it will ultimately lead to error in result or delayed results.
  • Slow Speed: Your application is slow.
  • Version Performance Comparison: You want to see how the performance changed (improved/ degraded) from old to new version.
Testing Defects


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Fine Tuning

Common Performance Testing Checkpoints

The Focus of Performance Testing is to check a Softwares's following parameters:

Scalability In Performance testing
Determines the maximum limit if user load application can handle
Speed Checkpoint In Performance Testing
Determine how fast is the response time of the application.
Stability In Performance Testing
Determines if the application is stable under load fluctuation.

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Visual Stdio Tool Used In Performance Testing Postman Tool Used In Performance Testing Jmeter HpLoad Fiddler NewRelic Dynatrace OP5 Appdynamics Nightwatch-circle Selenium-tool-suite Riverbed Gatling

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