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 Owing to the proliferated use of mobile apps and availability of alternatives for every other app in the market, customers are becoming very particular for any functional issue, UX problems, poor experience and average performance of the apps.

 Do you know about 25% of the users delete an app after a single use and never reinstall it? This is why high-quality mobile application testing services are becoming very crucial for the success of a mobile application.

We are a well Renowned Software Bug Hunters.
Fast and Efficient Mobile QA on your Schedule!

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What We Do?

API Testing

App testing on mobile, tablets.

Mobile Testing On Different Resolutions

Testing app UI on different resolutions.

App Functioning

App functioning in low battery, power saver mode, charging mode.

Mobile Services On Different Platforms

Testing app on different operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows.

Mobile Testing Services In Low Strength

Testing app behavior in low signal strength.

Multitasking Mobile Testing Operations

Testing touch Operations, ability to move application to memory card and
vice versa.

Compatibility With Different OS Versions

Compatibility of OS version to old/new SDK version.

Permission Control While Testing

Permission to on/off Bluetooth, WIFI, Mobile Data, Camera and Microphone access.

Mobile Testing In Different Orientations

App behavior in portrait and landscape mode.

Mobile Testing To Check App Behaviour With Telecom Services

Check app behavior with Phone Calls/SMS.

Believe In Us, We Believe Quality!

You will benefit from our mobile testing services in following ways:

On Time Delivery
On time delivery
Mobile Testing By Highly Experienced Testers
Highly experienced
Mobile Testing With Friendly UI
App friendly test
Mobile Testing Using Advanced Testing Tools
Advanced testing tools and structural testing process

Economic Mobile Testing
Competitive pricing
Automated Mobile Testing
Test automation for faster delivery
Mobile App Testing Labs
Well-equipped mobile
app testing labs

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