Choose Timezone

If you have opted for multi-location testing, FrugalTest provides you real time analytics for each of the geo-locations selected by you. To make it more convenient for you to analyze the performance metrics per location, you can set your desired time zone and analyze dashboard with same timestamps used across locations.

You can select/change your preferred time zone in two ways:

When you have logged in first time, and you click on 'Create Test' button, a pop up appears asking you to select your preferred time zone.

FrugalTesting timezone feature

At anytime you wish to change the selected time zone, select dropdown from top right corner of the screen and select 'My Account'. Click on 'Edit profile details' icon and select the time zone of your choice. Click on save and you are done.

FrugalTesting select timezone feature

Start any test to see your report dashboard according to your preferred time zone.