The client is a leading Fintech firm which provides stocks information to empower people to make smarter investments.

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Key Challenge

Scalability assessment and performance optimization of the web application hosted in Singapore and benchmark it for 20000 concurrent users load.

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Our Solution

  • A well-structured approach was put into action/deployed by the team, providing the client with an exhaustive review of system vulnerabilities and recommendations to get rid off them.
  • A Performance Benchmarking exercise was conducted to gauge the system capacity. This helped evaluate whether the IT infrastructure could handle the surge in transaction volumes without compromising service levels.
  • With thorough Architecture Review across the stack three failure points surfaced that had majorly hampered system's performance. The key factors were namely- slow DB queries, low server capacity and blocked calls by external server.
  • The MySQL database was reviewed at the architecture, query, instance and I/O level to identify performance improvement prospects.
  • The infrastructure was examined to identify bottlenecks in the CPU, storage and network.
  • The application server performance was analyzed to identify optimizations via thread, memory and connection pool management.

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Client Benefits

The solution provided by Frugal testing bolstered the responsiveness of the application, with response time being less than a second for most of the transactions, thereby further helping the client achieve cost, time and effort saving.

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Tech Stack

  • Python
  • AWS
  • External Services
  • MySQL DB