performance testing case study
About Client

An Australia based virtual child care web application with video features for finding and booking child cares across the country.

performance testing case study
Key Requirement

  • Average page load duration should be under two seconds.
  • Load testing of web and mobile application hosted across continents and benchmark it for 5000 concurrent users.
  • Major business transactions response time should be less than 1 sec.
  • High CPU utilization of up to 90% during peak load.

performance testing case study
Our Solutions

  • Recommended horizontal auto scaling to handle user load and load distribution across the servers.
  • Code level optimization which highly improved APIs response time.
  • Reduced high CPU usage by reducing the total number of DB cursors.
  • Helped the DEVOPS team in fixing 5xx response codes and socket exceptions.

performance testing case study
Client Benefits

  • 50% increase in concurrent user handling without any performance degradation and response times improved by up to 70%.
  • All business transactions response time within defined SLA.
  • No more "503 Service Unavailable" errors.
  • Response time <1 second for all transactions.

performance testing case study
Tech Stack

  • php
  • AngularJS
  • AWS Load Balancer
  • AWS S3 Storage
  • MySQL DB